User Conduct Policy

Thank you for choosing to use IndieIRC's services. At IndieIRC we make every effort to allow the network to meet the needs and wishes of our users. However, we insist that our users adhere to the following user conduct policy.

Legal Requirements
  1. While using this network please do not break UK, Swedish or USA law, and please follow the law in your own country. Users who fail to do this may be banned from the network, and relevant authorities may be contacted.
  2. Please do not register with NickServ if you are under the age of 13.
General Requirements
  1. Do not spam or flood channels or users. If you do this in your own channel or with the permission of the channel owner, we may let it pass without intervention, so long as it does not result in service disruption.
  2. Do not post inappropriate external links.* These include:
    1. Links spammed with the purpose of advertising a service or product.
    2. Links to sites which load viruses or malware onto users' systems.
    3. Links to illegal files or torrents, free versions of applications and programs which require paid licenses to use, or other illegal downloads or files.
    4. Links to pornography except in channels where this is explicitly allowed by the channel owner.
  3. Do not harass other users. Harassment is defined as behaviour that our staff regard as sufficient to cause a reasonable person significant distress. This may include behaving in an insulting or threatening way, cyberstalking, or discrimination.
  4. Do not evade channel or network wide bans placed against you.
  5. Finally, Be Safe! Avoid activities which may lead to personal harm. Do not share sensitive information such as phone numbers, addresses, debit or credit card numbers, or other information which may lead to endangerment. Extorting or eliciting this information from other users will result in an immediate ban.

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that is unacceptable to do on IndieIRC - it is some general guidance for users. Please use common sense when chatting - if you're not sure if you're allowed to do something, check with a staffer first. Staff reserve the right to enforce these rules only as and when they deem necessary. Staff reserve operative discretion of the network, and are able to exercise their power as they see fit. If you feel a staffer has abused their power, please contact us and we will deal with the matter accordingly.

Staff members are defined as people having the staff cloak shown in their /whois. Currently the staff team is composed of gry, huru, Marketh, Spitfire and Vandarx.

* Even if you do not post an actual URL, this policy may still apply if you post information about how to reach the content in question (e.g. saying "search google for <searchterm>")

Staff Conduct Policy

Staff are expected to maintain a high level of personal conduct on IRC. They represent the network management, and as such should be professional and helpful when dealing with network issues or assisting users. This said, we're also a close-knit community where most people know each other - as well as being a professional team, we're also friendly and get on well with our userbase.

Cloaking Policy

In the interest of protecting the privacy of our users, we automatically scramble the IP address of all users on the network, by setting the usermode +x. Remove this usermode if you do not want your IP address to be hidden.

Cloaks are also available upon request and at the discretion of staff. Typically we're happy to offer user/<accountname> cloaks to any user upon request. We will also offer channel cloaks to the members of established communities.

Proxy Scan Policy

Please note that in the interest of preventing abuse of the network and its members, all users connecting to the network are scanned for open proxies. This scan is entirely harmless to your connection and system, and in most cases will not be noticed. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.